Creating Caring Connections to

Inspire Success in Children

MentorSuccess© is a Kindergarten through 5th- grade mentoring program of His Heart Foundation  inspiring lifelong learning by equipping children with leadership success and protective shield skills.

Inspiring lifelong learning by equipping children with leadership success and protective shield skills.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 children (ages 2-8) in the United States has a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder (CDC Data and Statistics on Children’s Mental Health).

Research from the Gates Foundation has shown that youth with all types and levels of risk have benefitted from mentorship, particularly in reducing depression later in life (Gates Foundation 2012-2013).

A part of His Heart Foundation, MentorSuccess™ is a Kindergarten through 5th grade student mentoring program focused on building bridges to mental wellness and student success through caring mentoring connections.

“I used to be bullied, but then I got a big lunch buddy. Now I like school.”

Joe, Age 8

“We learn that we don’t just eat with a child once a week,  but develop a caring mentoring relationship with a  plan and goal in mind for the student’s development.”

John, Mentor Coordinator

“I like to read with my mentor & play games. I have to listen and follow instructions. Sometimes my mentor even wins!”

Evie, Age 7


Easy as 1-2-3!

Studies show that mentoring and mental health are deeply connected.
The MentorSuccess© Program will have a cascading effect in promoting and developing mental health and wellness throughout a child’s life.


Easy-to-follow instructions for mentors with carefully scripted directions to help guide student activity and learning.


Customized to the student’s learning style and needs while instilling valuable Leadership Success Skills. Creating the most-teachable, most reachable, a-ha! moment.


Mentoring sessions are set to the student’s preferred pace and focused on the caring interactions between mentor and student.

“The MentorSuccess© program has revitalized our Lunch Buddy program by teaching students life skills that will make them more successful learners, friends, and leaders.”

Carly, School Social Worker

“My student has definitely become more confident, and he enjoys the 1-1 adult time. He really looks forward to it every week!”


“I have seen growth in my child’s behavior, communication skills, and her ability to express her feelings, as well as understanding how her actions impact others.”


Results of Mentoring Programs

Program #1

89% showed dramatic improvement in behavior and attitude.

Program #2

93% showed improvement on the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP).

Program #3

96% showed improvement on the Basic Phonics Placement Assessment.

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Help buy books, games, and materials used in mentoring! MentorSuccess© provides each school with curated literature and interactive, skill-building games to support student learning.