Our Story

MentorSuccess™ evolved out of the nationally recognized, research-based HOSTS (Help One Student to Succeed) program that enjoyed over thirty years of sustained nation-wide success. Based on verifiable results with students from all ethnic backgrounds, HOSTS earned many awards from nationally recognized groups including the US Department of Education, naming the Harlingen, Texas, site as a mentoring model for the nation. Though the original program focused mostly on mentoring students in language arts, Dr. Willbur always wanted to also emphasize using mentoring for the development of leadership success skills and characteristics. Our ultimate goal with the MentorSuccess™ program is to teach students not only to read, but to succeed and lead. To do this we are constantly surveying and curating children’s literature, games, and other learning materials to include in our Learning Pathway Generator arranged by age, reading level, interest area, and leadership skills. We want to create the most-reachable, most-teachable, aha moments that attract a child to learning. Once a child learns that leadership and learning can be fun, they are on a pathway to success!

“The MentorSuccess™ program has revitalized our Lunch Buddy program by teaching students life skills that will make them more successful learners, friends, and leaders.”

Carly, School Social Worker

“My student has definitely become more confident, and he enjoys the 1-1 adult time. He really looks forward to it every week!”


“I have seen growth in my child’s behavior, communication skills, and her ability to express her feelings, as well as understanding how her actions impact others.”


Meet The Team

DR. JERRY WILLBURDirector of MentorSuccess™
Jerry is best known for his award-winning research in the field of mentoring. He uses mentoring to change cultures by developing stronger leaders to help them create more effective places to work. As Dr. Willbur used mentoring to change workplace cultures, he has also used it to dramatically change the lives of students. You will see stronger students, teachers, and leaders whose futures are radically changed, one life at a time.
A University of Washington School of Social Work alumnus and graduate of the University of Michigan’s Master of Social Work (MSW) program, Kathryn brings experience working in both student support services and classroom instruction. She is passionate about building caring connections across generations through mentoring. Having flourished under mentorship throughout her life, she is excited to encourage the development of young hearts and minds in her work to further the mission and reach of MentorSuccess™.
JENNY BERRYSchool Counseling Specialist
Jenny graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s in Social Science and a Master’s in School Counseling. While serving in public education since 2005 in the areas of special education and school counseling, Jenny has enjoyed teaching social/emotional learning lessons and building a meaningful rapport with those around her. She loves helping students discover their strengths, needs and unique value.

Jenny serves at her church and lives in Vancouver with her husband and two sons. She is excited for the opportunity to contribute in the areas of mentorship and school counseling at His Heart Foundation.

DALE BAUGHMarketing & Training
Dale brings a wealth of marketing, sales, and management experience to His Heart Foundation. An innovative and creative leader, he is a co-founder of MentorSuccess™. With experience in Education, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing & Distribution, Telecommunications, and Supply Chain. Dale recently completed his master’s degree in Education at Warner Pacific University. His enthusiasm and energy have served him well, as he continues to coach high school basketball at Jefferson High School (Portland, OR).
During his time as part of the staff, he has been a part of six-state titles, with the most recent title coming in 2017. The 2018 and 2019 teams finished in second place. Primarily a part of the MentorSuccess™ program, Dale will be counted on the bring his marketing expertise to HHF as we continue to grow and serve the needs of the community.

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