How can you improve your child’s social-emotional health within the isolation of online learning?

Starting points of focus for your child’s social-emotional learning while at home.

1. Strategize in advance.

Create a list of things to do when your child is in distress e.g.

  • Playing with a sibling
  • Having a quiet time
  • Going outside

2. Be a role model.

  • Model good sportsmanship with games
  • Model empathy by discussing a story together
  • Put technology away and give undivided attention to your child.

3. Widen circles to demonstrate social norms.

  • Increase family contacts with more online video calls with people you haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Visit with friends through a window with books, pictures and phone calls.
  • Use snail mail and have penpals.

No one can do this alone. MentorSuccess™ can help!

Positive behaviors and successful thought processes can be developed through 1:1 mentoring connections using carefully curated literature & games that engage a child’s interest. The MentorSuccess™ program utilizes four different mentoring strategies and operating models with a focus on K-5 students. Using one-to-one mentoring with carefully scripted, creative, and higher-order thinking questions, the program is offered through private and public schools with in-person and online mentoring. MentorSuccess™ has plans to also offer mentoring resources to homeschool and micro-school groups in the near future.


“E is for kids’ emotions” by Lila Seidman

Winning in the Beginning by Dr. Jerry Willbur and Dale Baugh

“I like to read with my mentor & play games. I have to listen and follow instructions. Sometimes my mentor even wins!”

Age 7